Cleveland Alfonso Piggott, age 80, died on Saturday, January 18, 2014, in Lawrenceville, Georgia. He was born in Panama City, Panama, on April 20, 1933, to Cleveland and Isabel. He met the love of his life, Vilma Anita Neblett, one fine evening in June and by the next February they were married and began a lifelong, loving relationship, lasting for 53 years. Together they had four children, Gregorio, Monica, Cleveland and Guillermo. He brought his family to the United States in 1987, settling first in New York City and later moving to Atlanta, Georgia.
Cleveland was always a happy contented man, loving husband, great dad and solid provider who enjoyed simple quiet pleasures. His beloved Vilma and family describe him as soft spoken, gentle, good natured, caring and loving. Although family was his first priority, his kindness and generosity extended well beyond his family. He respected others and was highly respected and admired. Simply said, "to have known him is to have loved him". His humility, integrity, and hard work continue to inspire those who knew him.
He worked as an Accountant throughout his working life, having worked for the Panama Canal while in Panama and Motorola after relocating to the States. His interests were varied but he really enjoyed music. He attended Calvary Baptist Church where he faithfully served as a church deacon. His lifetime of dedication and self-sacrifice serve as a monument to the exemplary man he was.
Cleveland Alfonso Piggott will be greatly missed. We will miss a great husband, father and friend. He is survived by his wife, Vilma; children, Gregorio A. Piggott, Monica A. Piggott-Jarvis (spouse Anselmo E. Jarvis); Cleveland A. Piggott (spouse Sandra Piggott); and Guillermo A. Piggott (spouse Zahra A. Piggott); grandchildren, Cleveland A. Piggott, Akil A.Piggott, Isabella A. Piggott and Kadin M. Piggott. He is also survived by his brothers, George Piggott (spouse Mava Burkett Piggott) and Carlos Enrique Piggott Langly (spouse Gwendolyn Weeks De Piggott). His wisdom and love will continue to guide us throughout our lives.
In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made, in memory of Cleveland, t0: Alzheimer's Association, Georgia Chapter 1925 Century Blvd., NE Suite 10 Atlanta, GA  30345-3315  

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  1. Mom, this note is for you. I saw how you took care of dad and your faithfulness in his care at home, then when we had to make the hardest decision in having him go into a nursing home. I saw the love and commitment of 53 years put into place. You lived out your vows for better and for worse, in health and sickness, until death do you part. Mom, you did an awesome job as a wife and I’m so proud of you because, only God knows your quiet moments and how you are feeling, I want you to know that you are not alone and we love you. You have three new additions to the family: Anselmo, Zahra and Kadin. We all are only a phone call away and, Mom, God is watching over you at all times.

  2. Mrs. Vilma, on behalf of Sonia and me, our sincere condolences. My dear Deacon, friend and role model, is now safe in the arms of Jesus…all burdens, and woes are gone.
    You showed us by your example the meaning of true love. You’ll be in our prayers and we’ll remain in touch.


  3. Mom: My heart is always with you. As one of the newer family members, I regret that I never had the opportunity to truly know your husband and I feel honored to be a part of his family. I have learned that not knowing a person’s “personality” is not the same as knowing his heart. Through Guillermo, I see every evidence of your husband. Great men produce great men, so I know how tall and high your husband’s high standards must have been. Thank you for allowing me to see your husband through mine. I love you, Zahra

  4. We ‘re never ready to say goodbye . To someone we hold dear . If it were to us sweet . Uncle Alfonso Piggot we’d always keep you here but god has reasons of his own and plans we do not know, and these are always for our good , though it may seem not so .our arms are empty , and our hearts are filled with tear and grief , for we who lover each day with you ,now find those days too brief . Yet if only we could heaven see , we’d know you re happy there , and we would never called you back when such great joy you share and so we’ll trust you god great’s care. Whit love from .Elias Piggot .and family .

  5. Mr. Cleveland A. Piggott: He was a special man; he was a loving friend, brother, father and husband with wonderful qualities, “that’s how I remember him”. Today, I’m married to his daughter, Monica Piggott; she mirrors those qualities of her father, and I love her for that. Mr. Cleveland brought so many happy moments in our life and left us with a treasure trove of memories. We will never be able to forget him. We are praying for all his loved ones in this difficult time.
    On behalf of my wife Monica and I, to my Mother In-law, Vilma Piggott and the Piggott Families – our sympathy, love and prayer goes out to all of you and to everyone who knew, loved and missed him, and made this moment special.

    God Bless and Thank You for your support!

    Cleveland may your soul rest in peace!

    “Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that heareth my word, and believeth on Him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.”
    John 5:24-26

  6. Ms Vilma, affectionately called MOM, my dearest friend Monica, my memory of Mr. Piggott is that he was the tall gentle, quiet man who would always be smiling when we greeted at church. He was definitely a treasure trove of love, which you easily saw, in how the family (sons and daughter, daughter in law and grandsons) rallied around him.

    Knowing that he is in a better place, gives a treasured peace to all who generously loved him.

    My sympathy to the family and God’s continued love and peace at this time.

  7. Mrs. Vilma, Monica & Family, my prayers are with you during this time. I pray God will make His presences fully known & bring a peace that passes all understand. Isaiah 54:10, Philippians 4;6-8. Love & sincere condolences.

  8. Aunt Vilma and Cousins, Darryl and I send out our deepest sympathy to your family. I will always remember the time Alfonso took me and Aunt Vilma out to a dinner and show in Panama, it was wonderful. I also remember the last time in Georgia when Darryl and I visited with Alfonso and Aunt Vilma at their home, Alfonso made us laugh so much. Most of all I will always remember his nice smile and his gentle voice. Even though we all know he is with Lord Jesus, we will miss him on earth. Peace and Love, Darryl, Schoshana, and Melvina.

  9. I’ve just heard of your husband, Alfonso passing. Please accept my deepest sympathy. I knew Fonso and his brothers Papito and George back in Rio. We pray to GOD to Render Strength to you and the family, as we thank him for his many gift and express our Sorrows. May GOD’s Blessings be with you.

  10. Like my brother, I too share my Grandfather’s name, but in a few months, I’ll also share his wedding ring. Grandma gave me his ring, and I’m fully aware of the gravity and significance of such a gift. For when my future wife puts it on my finger on our wedding day, it will represent my commitment and everlasting love for her. But it will also represent over 50 years of love and marriage, for richer and poorer, in sickness and in health of my grandfather to the woman of his dreams. It is a lot to live up to, but a responsibility and honor I look forward too.

    I love my grandpa and a part of him will always be with me in my heart and on my ring finger.

  11. Vilma, our deepest condolence to the entire family. Fonso was a man of integrity, strong convictions, and he was dedicated to his family. He assured that his marriage would be measured by more than just years; he instilled it would be measured by love, laughter and applying great values. His kind and loving demeanor earned him respect and admiration from all. Vilma, you could not have asked for a better husband, friend and partner, nor could Fonso have asked for a better wife. He was an extraordinary father and your children have inherited an admirable legacy. We are going to miss “Hercules.” Cousin, here is a final thought for you during this sad period:

    To know sorrow is to acknowledge the Love that was yours….To carry on with a heart full of Memories is to be wholly and lovingly human…..To heal, day by day, is to build a bridge of Love that will reach far beyond time into forever. (unknown author)

  12. To my sister Vilma Piggott ,

    Maria and I send our condolence to you and my extended family. My brother-in-law Cleveland was a very special person in every sense of the word. Always very kind and attentive to everyone. Always willing to help when you needed him. He was very firm when he had to be, but always very respectful. He was the best brother-in-law I could ever want to have.
    I will miss him greatly, may he rest in peace.

  13. I wish that I had the opportunity to spend more time with my grandfather prior to his Alzheimer’s. However, I was lucky enough to have family that could pass on his memories and legacy, and I intend to do the same. I know that every time my middle name is spoken, Akil Alfonso Piggott, it honors the life of a loving husband, father, and to many, a friend. Even though my grandfather is no longer with us, I will never forget him, and I find peace knowing that he is in a better place.

  14. Vilma, my condolence to you and your family. May God embrace you during this great loss. Piggot as he was know to us in the office (Panama Canal) was very soft spoken, kind and attentive, always willing to help.
    May his memories live on.

  15. Carmen and I want to express our sincere condolences on the departure of our ex-co worker of the Payroll Branch of the Panama Canal Company. As we recall, Mr. Piggott was a very easy-going, soft spoken co-worker always willing to share his knowledge with the new employees. We thanks God for putting him in our path. May his soul rest in peace.

  16. Mrs. Vilma Piggott, as an ex co-worker in the Accounting División of the Panama Canal Company of “Piggott” as he was fondly called, I am extending my sincere condolence to you and your family. May his soul rest in peace and may the perpetual light shine upon him.

  17. To Vilma and family:

    We think of all the special merories that mean so much to all of us.,the Loving thoughts,and the special times we sheared when we were all togather.

    Alfonso, may your soul rest in peace,and keep smiling

  18. To Mrs. Vilma Piggott and Family, Please accept my sincere condolences to you and your Family. Mr. Piggott will always be remembered in the Andrews Family. We go back to “Payroll” days in the Panama Canal Company where I fondly remembered him always arriving on time to work, even though he lived in the suburbs; the proud Dad, on the arrival of Guille, always caring for you and the Children, very active in his Church and representing Christ well, ALL the time. We have all been blessed to have met Mr. Cleveland Piggott and “Fonso” to you.

    We will all miss him as he leaves a huge legacy for all of us to live up to; and hope that we will all meet again, never to depart again, as we embrace Jesus Christ as he did. May his soul rest in perfect peace and the Holy Spirit of the Living God comfort your hearts at this time of his home going.

    Who inherited his “infectious” smile and hearty laughter???

  19. To Vilma and family:

    My condolences to you and yours! I know Mr. Piggott (as I recall calling him all these years) was indeed an honorable man. He will be missed; but we are assured that his soul is at rest in Eternal Peace. We have all been blessed with the time we shared in his presence here on Earth; and I know Mr. Piggott will continue to embrace you and your family with his Spirit, as we continue this earthly journey. God Bless! “From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another”. (John 1:16)

  20. To Vilma & Family,
    A better friend & brother who has now returned to our Good Lord & Savior, is surely in a better place with our Father God. Who
    Blessed us with a true Angel for the past four scores. May you and all of his relatives continue to enjoy God’s Blessings ! We too
    share in your bereavement for this magnificient man. With Love Always!

  21. Vilma…Norma and I extend our sincere condolences to you. Please keep the faith. God knows best.

    Jimmy and Norma Dowlin

  22. To my dear beloved Piggott Family,
    I have known you for over 35 years and I have treasured your love and friendship. You are dear to my heart and I share your pain and lost of your dear one. +Papuchi as his dear beloved wife will call him, was precious and like a father to me. He was very loving and caring to me. I will miss him very much, but not for so long because I have the hope to see him one day not far away. So to my family this is the promise that I share with you, that Jehovah has assured us of found in Revelation 21:4. “He will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”

    Love You Always

    Jackeline Smith

  23. To Vilma and Family
    My friend and Compadre is now resting with the Lord. A place he has worked hard during his time here on earth to be. May
    the Good Lord Bless and keep him also grant him peace.

  24. Our sincere condolences to Mrs. Vilma Piggott & family, because we care we’re saddened by the grief you are all feeling now, and want so much to comfort you and ease your heart somehow.
    Your co-worker and friend from
    Agents Account,
    Panama Canal Commission

  25. Sincere condolences to Vilma Piggott & Family.
    We were co-workers and good friends for over 30 years, first in the Supply Division, then in the Accounting Division, Payroll.
    He was a true friend and a very honorable man, always willing to extend a helping hand.
    May he rest in Peace.

    Raimundo & Norma Dixon

  26. Mrs. Piggott and Family,

    God never ceases to amaze me…it was only recently (yesterday) that I was saying a prayer and the family crossed my thoughts and thus entered my prayers. It was as a result that I did a search and learned of Mr. Piggotts passing and I extend my condolences.

    My earnest best for the continued health and strength of you and your family.

    Heart wishes,


  27. I’m only today discovering that you lost the patriach of your family Cleveland & Sandra. Randy and I never met your father, however we know he left a wonderful legacy in his children and grandchildren. Even after reading all the guest book entries above we are coming to realize (again) what wonderful people God blessed us to know and love. Today is the ‘day after’ Cleveland Jr & Susie’s wedding, which, I’m imaginining was both wonderful and bittersweet considering the loss of your father earlier this year. May he rest in eternal peace.

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