Neil A. Zittrauer

neil zittrauer

June 3, 1937 ~ May 21, 2010

Born in: Savannah, GA
Resided in: Winder, GA

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  1. This past Saturday I was saddened to learn from cousin Dickie that Neil had passed away on Friday. Although Neil and I were 1st cousins were 9 years apart, I’ll always remember him as someone who laughed a lot and loved to kid around with all of us, especially with Aunt Rose she dearly loved him. To his wife Pat and children Michael, Glenn, Dayna, and Karl, please accept our deepest sympathies and we pray that God will provide you all with comfort and peace in the coming days.


    Bubba and Flora Carter

  2. Pat ,we just heard about Neil. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. We remember the good times we spent with your family in Atlanta. Neil was always fun. Sincerely, Herb & Addie

  3. So, Who was Neil Alwyn Zittrauer
    1. Glenn- First a few words about his Childhood.
    • Dad was born on June 6, 1937, not quite 73 years ago.
    • His parents were Inez Carter and Theodore Bodie Zittrauer.
    • She was a nurse and he was a railroad engineer.
    • He had two older sisters: Frances, who passed away from cancer
    in the late 60’s, and he is survived by his elder sister Jacqueline.
    • He was born in Oglethorpe Hospital in Savannah Georgia, and
    grew up in Garden City Georgia.
    • He was the only boy in the family and his mother’s favorite and
    he knew it. He was spoiled rotten as a child. Whenever it was
    mentioned he would just smile and remain silent on the subject.
    • He was born at the end of the Great Depression and he
    frequently remarked on how his parents had to scrape together
    pennies to make a living. This likely led to the lifelong
    “thriftiness” for which he was renowned. There are other words
    for it, but we’ll stick with this one.
    • He had a dog, Corporal, a mutt, when he was a kid, who used to
    come meet him at the school bus. Back when dogs could
    actually do that.
    • His childhood friends were the Gaddy’s, whom we met as we
    grew up: Larry, Jimmy, and Patty. I do remember him telling
    me that Patty’s parents, Guy and Bea, insisted that he chaperone
    her when she first dated her future husband Roy Redmond.
    They always remained friends.
    • When he was a kid, a neighbor boy got ringworm and had to
    shave his head, and it grew back in curly. Our hair is straight,
    straight, straight. Oh yeah, Dad had blonde hair as a child.
    Anyway, Dad got mad that his friend’s hair was curly, and his
    wasn’t, so he shaved his head. Grandma sent him out to the
    farm until his hair grew back in.
    • This started a pattern where he would spend every summer out
    at the farm. There were some boys there his own age with
    whom he could run around out in the woods. This is where he
    developed his love of nature.
    • He told me he used to get home from school and go out back
    with his 22 to shoot squirrels.
    • He graduated from Savannah High School in 1955.
    2. Glenn- Dad was a lifelong Christian.
    • Grandma was a Baptist and Grandpa was a Lutheran, and I
    believe he attended both types of service.
    • We were raised as Baptists in Greenforest Baptist Church.
    • Later in life he changed to the Lutheran church, and he and
    mom attended Zion Lutheran and now Nativity Lutheran
    • Dad knew his bible and would frequently quote specific ones to
    us when he had a lesson to impart.
    • I have a specific memory of Dad inviting some Mormon boys in
    to “discuss” the bible with them. They never came back.
    3. Karl- Another important part of his life was his family.
    • We are Salzburgers, descendants from immigrants who came to
    this country in 1735. At least the name did. We are all mutts by
    now. Dad always was proud of his heritage and he often
    mentioned wanting to pass his name on.
    • He met his wife, Patricia Alice Clapp, while he was as Georgia
    Tech. They married shortly after his graduation in 1959. What
    was that date? Oh yeah, today would have been their 51st
    • She was the love of his life and I don’t believe there was one
    moment when he did not think they would be together until this
    day was upon us.
    • One of the things I remember most about the two of them is
    their kisses. Imitate smack, smack, smack like a chicken.
    • He had four children, Dean, Glenn, Dayna, and Karl. Dean was
    born in 1960, Glenn was born in 1961, Dayna was born in 1963,
    and Karl was born in 1966. Although, I should also mention that
    he and mom had a child named Mark Carver who they treated
    like one of their own, even though he lived two doors up.
    • We all got his math ability and his love of the outdoors. Dean
    got his gardening bug, Karl is more of the builder and
    craftsman, Dayna was his only daughter and was not treated the
    same as his boys, Glenn got his defiance and stubbornness.
    • One of the things he loved to do wheneve

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