A 2nd Cousin by DNA, 2nd Mother by Love

  1. When I was a baby, my mother and I lived with my great grandparents, Elizabeth and Francis Dempsey, Peggy’s grandparents, while my father was serving in the Air Force in Greenland. Peggy was my world. Even though she was only 9 when I was born, she was my second mother and, I’m told, spent every minute she could with me. My attachment to her was so deep that my other family members had to distract me so Peggy could sneak away when she had to return to her little “shotgun” home in Wylam because I latched on to her like a leech and cried bitterly everytime she had to leave. The only differences now are that instead of the little home in Wylam, Peggy has gone to her home with our Lord and Savior. And, I can now cry freely, without shame, because there is no one left to distract me as I grieve the loss of my spiritual mentor and “second cousin/mother.