On-site Reception Centers

At Wages & Sons, we offer  conveniently located on-site reception centers, providing a seamless transition from the memorial service to a comfortable space where families and friends can gather to share stories and support. This eliminates the need for families to navigate multiple venues and allows them to focus on honoring their loved ones. Our thoughtfully designed reception centers foster environments of fellowship and unity, where cherished memories can be embraced. This environment  allows families to find strength in their support network while remembering their loved ones.

Explore the benefits of having a reception at the funeral home...

  • Seamless Transition: Memorial service to reception space without venue changes. No more travling worries or complications.
  • Convenience: All-in-one location saves time and reduces complexity and unexpected circumstances.
  • Unified Gathering: Friends and family come together at the same place.
  • Fellowship: Thoughtfully designed space encourages unity and sharing.
  • Embracing Memories: Space for cherishing and recalling fond memories.
  • Focus on Tribute: Eliminates logistics, allowing everyone’s focus on honoring the loved one.
  • Support Network: Strength through shared experiences and connections over a catered meal.
  • Comfortable Healing: Stay in an environment where everyone can properly express their emotions without the worries of public judgement.

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Receive Our FREE Personal Record Guide


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