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How Your Family Can Learn From Prince’s Mistake

“Without a plan, you are planning to fail” – Benjamin Franklin The sad news of the musical legend Prince, and his untimely death, has been all over the news.  There have been many career highlight reels, notable performance videos, and tributes to his strong influence on many singers and musicians. Something many fans found when(…)

4 Tips for Coping with Stress

The month of February calls for awareness about heart health and heart disease.  Managing stress in your life is good for your heart and for your emotional well-being.  The American Heart Association notes that “stress may affect behaviors and factors that increase heart disease risk.”  Here are 4 tips that can be a good start(…)

Next grief support group session begins January 19th

Wages and Sons offers three 8 week sessions of grief support groups each year, occurring in September, January, and April. Meetings are Tuesday evenings at 7:00PM. Wages and Sons next 8 week grief support group session begins Tuesday January 19, 2016 7:00PM at St. Lawrence Church, Lawrenceville.  You can pre-register until January 19th.  To register(…)

Tips for Dealing with Grief During the Holiday Season

At Wages and Sons, we realize the holidays are a particularly difficult time for anyone who has lost a loved one.  Here are some grief support tips to help you deal with this difficult time: Express Your Grief – The number one way you can ease your burden during this difficult time is to discuss(…)

Children’s Grief Awareness Day

The third Thursday in November has been set aside annually as Children’s Grief Awareness Day. Children also grieve losses, but often are unable to express their feelings as they lack the skills, words, and understanding of what is happening to them.  Even when asked how they  “feel” about the loss, or if they are “OK”, they have no way to(…)

Enter to win FREE ice cream

In honor of National Grandparent’s Day you can win free ice cream by completing the 5 questions in the ad attached.  Please click the link, print and complete the questions to be entered into a raffle to win a gift certificate for 20 free ice cream sundaes.  Entries are due by 10/15. Wage Grandparent Ad 10.25×10.5 V4

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