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  1. I’m so sorry for the loss of your daughter, I too lost a child at a young age. I hope you find comfort in God’s promise of a resurrection & in the many wonderful memory’s you made & shared together. Rev 21:3,4. You have my condolences.

  2. Miriam was such a great friend. She brought such a light to this world. I was honored to get to be a friend to her and make so many great memories with her. I am so sorry for your loss.

  3. So shocked and sad with tears. Miriam, you are kind, intelligent and such a good friend to my kids. Your beautiful smile is still in my memory. Wish God be with you. May our prayers comfort your family.

  4. Miriam was a wonderful young lady who was very proud to serve her country in the Marine Corps. Semper Fi. You will be greatly missed by your family and friends Miriam. May the Good Lord welcome you into Heaven with open arms and a big smile. God bless you for all eternity.

  5. Miriam Liu deserves our highest respect and memory for her choice to serve this great nation. And those who mindlessly kneel to the Flag should kneel for her and her greatness. My deepest sympathies and condolences go to the Liu family for their loss of the beloved one.

  6. Mariam is such a sweet girl with incredibly strong mind. Her tragic death is a huge loss not only to her family and love ones but also a loss to our Nation. May God bless you and your family! You will always be in our hearts.

  7. My sympathies and paryers are with the Liu family. May you gain strength to walk through the darkness, and let the fond memories of her enlighten your life.

  8. 天妒英才!志强兄虽然我们素昧平生,但为你有这么优秀的孩子骄傲。节哀。保重

  9. 虽然没见过你,但听闻你的过去种种,你是那么的优秀,你是我们华人的骄傲!愿你安息。

  10. 前天还在加州时惊闻噩耗。还记得我们家两个大的孩子和你们家两个大孩子过生日的情景。虽然我们好久不见他们了,依稀还记得他们小时候的模样。愿她安息,一路走好!愿你们节哀顺变,多保重!

  11. Everyone was shocked to know that Miriam departed us. She is such a brave and determined girl, willing to serve the country. She will never truly leaves, for she is still alive in our hearts and minds. Please accept my condolences, She will not be forgotten.

  12. So sorry for your lost. We all shall be proud of Miriam. Her bravery and commitment to serve her country must be honored. May God comfort your heart with His unthinkable love throughout this difficult time.

  13. Much love and prayers to the Liu family and friends. It saddens my heart to hear of such a tragedy. Miriam was a very sweet girl and will be missed dearly by all who were blessed with her friendship.

  14. Miriam,虽我们不曾相识,但我们是湖北老乡,我知道你是个美丽,善良,坚强,勇敢的姑娘,愿你在天堂一切安好!愿上天保佑你的家人,希望他们尽快从失去你的痛苦中走出来!

  15. Lui was a very close friend of mine, also was she my boot camp sister, when she departed us, I was in the field and took it very hard, as of now I’m filling out my Orm so that I will be able to travel to the services an pay my respect to her an her services to this country. Prayers to her an her family through this time of rememberance. I know this may hurt but just know that she’s at peace an she will be truly missed !

  16. Miriam Liu,
    September of 2016 we became sisters. Through the struggles of boot camp and mct, you always had a light. You found a way to put a smile on the platoon’s faces. Your voice soothed us. You made it feel like home. All it took was 10 minutes to have an impact on somebody’s life. Everybody is honored to have you bless them with your presence. I look at things differently now. Whenever I see sunflowers or dandelions playing in the air, I feel you with me. You are in a peaceful place now. You are dancing with the stars and singing a beautiful song that is carried through the wind. We love you and miss you Liu – my fam bam.
    My love and prayers are with your family.

  17. Miriam was a kind classmate. We weren’t too close in high school, but every time we saw each other, Miriam was always friendly and it was just an enjoyable conversation. I send my condolences to her family.

  18. She was a delight to know in school and a good friend to have. May God rest her soul. I’ll be praying for her family. I hope they find peace in knowing how much she was loved by everyone she met.

  19. 这是个一脸灿烂阳光漂亮的女孩,我们是看着你长大的,你那可爱的笑脸深深的印在我们的脑海里。

  20. Miriam helped me since day one. She was one of my very first friends and an amazing neighbor. Thank you for making bus rides fun and for being there for me whenever I needed you. You were such a sweet girl with an amazing soul. God will be taking care of you sweet angel. I send my condolences to her family.

  21. She attended the same church as I did, but I never knew her. I missed her as I was coming home from recruit training, she was just starting. I heard good things about her and I wish I could’ve met her. This is truly unfortunate. Semper Fi devil dog, you’ve earned your rest.

    Family of this dear child, I pray that you all will find comfort in the Lord in the troubling time. I cannot even fathom the sorrow that you all are going through. I am truly sorry for your loss.

  22. 好孩子願你在天堂安息。


    The cross is not great than his grace

  23. 我曾经是2010年上海北京寻根夏令营的带队老师,当年刘美芸还是一个稚气可爱乖巧善良的女孩,在我《相约上海的故事》一文里,我记录下这样一段话:“刘美芸是个刚满12岁的小姑娘,长得清秀可爱,因为长得白白净净,被称为是“白雪公主”。她年纪最小,但很独立,我在上海与她住在一个房间,她每天都按时睡觉,按时起床,还自己清洗自己的营服。在上海和北京,我们必须穿营服,每天回去,就要用手洗衣服。”不论是在上海世博会,还是在北京的故宫和长城,她的吃苦耐劳,给我留下了深刻的印象,从不抱怨,总是笑眯眯地在队伍中,从来不掉队,她的善良和爱心,勇敢和坚强,给我留下了深刻的印象。

  24. Such a beautiful and full of life young lady in my memory. My condolences to her family. 父母和哥哥节哀保重!

  25. OCT 04, 2017 @ 02:59:41

  26. 辛苦最怜天上月,一夕如环,夕夕都成玦,若似月轮終皎洁,不辞冰雪为卿热。长歌当哭,哀君早逝,家山垂泪,不见惊鸿回。家人保重!

  27. 志强:

  28. 好孩子, 海军陆战队是你想去的吗?在那里究竟发生了什么?一个可爱小女孩多可惜呀。

  29. 孩子,叔叔没有见过你,读了那么多留言,知道你是一个非常优秀的孩子,天堂里没有痛苦,愿你在天堂一切安好。家人节哀顺变!

  30. 志强,

  31. 美丽的女孩,勇敢的女孩,阿姨不曾有缘和你相识,但是惊闻你的离去,内心无比震撼和悲伤。。。你和我的女儿同龄,想着你这么热烈年轻的生命嘎然而止,真是让人心痛。愿你在天堂里安息,愿你的父母哥哥节哀,保重。

  32. 志强,
    96, 97 年我们在南理工一起查经, 过团契生活, 后来搬家, 生活忙忙落落, 没有联系。惊悉噩耗,很是震惊和心痛 。愿上帝亲自安慰你们悲伤的心, 愿美芸在天堂安息!

  33. Sooo sad about the loss of such a beautiful young life full of promises! My deepest sympathy to ZhiQiang and family. May God be with Miriam.

  34. I didn’t have the fortune of knowing you in life, but I know you must be a hero reading about all the things you’ve achieved and all the people you’ve helped. Rest in paradise💙

  35. 虽然未曾相识,但听闻噩耗仍然震惊,伤感年轻鲜活的生命就此逝去。希望你去的地方充满阳光和爱。

  36. 圆月挂碧空,应是家人团圆时;天不逐人愿,教亲人阴阳二隔。痛惜痛惜!志强兄,作为和您同样为华文教育做过义工的同道,感受您和家人的痛楚,非言语可表。望美芸一路走好,忘家人节哀保重!

  37. Miriam, thank you for your service and you will be missed dearly! Our deepest sympathies are with Miriam’s family.

  38. 可爱的孩子在父神怀中得享永生 。也必与你们在将来相見!主是安慰,山寨,避难所,是我们随时的帮助。

  39. I don’t know Miriam personally. I was reading her story from the media and I am sad to learn that she passed away at such a young age. I am so sorry for your loss of such a beautiful, brave and intelligent daughter. May she rest in peace.

  40. 挽歌为米利暗而起









    此时,Have you in the Heaven
    Have you in His Arm


    Miriam, Oh Little Miriam
    Rest in Peace
    Rest in His Arm of the Lord You Trust Forever

  41. We don’t know Miriam or her family. But we are deeply saddened about the loss of such a beautiful young life. Our thoughts and prayers are with her entire family. May the beautiful memories of Miriam sustain and bring comfort to everyone during this difficult time.

  42. “Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted” please know friends, families and complete strangers are praying for you and your family in this time of your deepest sorrow.

  43. 美芸,


  44. 美芸,


  45. From another Parents of another US Marines, my son served the Marine between 2002-2010 made one tour to Iraq in 2005.

    It is extremely hard for any parents especially loving parents of another Marine.

    My son wrote this to commemorate his fading Marine buddies:

    Don’t Fear Death, Fear the Unlived Life.

    Mariam centainly had no fear.



    Mariam 沒有虛度她的人生。

  46. THANK YOU for your service to our Country, Mariam Elizabeth Liu!

    Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them,
    for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these. – Matthew 19:14

    Dear Lord, I PRAY for the Liu’s who have lost their beautiful daughter, Miriam. I ask that you would fill them with a deep sense of your Peace and Grace while surrounding them with your LOVE and hope. Give them the strength to carry on and to know that they still have a purpose on this earth.

    Lord, on the Liu’s darkest days be their light.
    On their loneliest days, be their friend.
    On their saddest days be their joy and grant them the strength to continue on.
    BLESS them to be firmly established in the knowledge of you and may they comprehend the breadth,
    width, height and depth of your LOVE for them.

    Lord, I PRAY that the Liu’s would be filled with pleasant and joyful memories of Miriam. May each day bring illuminate hope for their future. May they grow closer to you through this experience and let not their hearts turn bitter, angry or disillusioned. May they once again begin to Trust you and embrace the divine comfort and assurance that can only come through your LOVE.

    In Jesus name we Pray – Amen!

    A Northview High School Family Member

  47. Live in Lawrenceville since 94. So sorry to saw this sad news on the internet. As a father of two teenagers, I would not know what to do if something happens to them. Be strong for your family. Celebrate the life of a wonderful young lady.

  48. Miriam, just got to know you reading all these kind posts. You’re incredibly brave.

    My deepest condolences to your family. Hope they find comfort that you lived an extraordinary life.

    Rest In Peace

  49. 志强,惊悉你女儿不幸去世,非常痛心!!! 白发送黑发。人世间没有比失去亲爱的女儿更痛苦了。只望你节哀,多多保重。🙏🙏🙏 My heart and prayers go out to you at this most difficult time.🙏🙏🙏 May God bless you and your family.🙏🙏🙏

    美芸,好孩子, 一路走好! 愿你在天堂一切安好!🙏🙏🙏

  50. 惊闻噩耗,内心百感交集,遂成此小诗,献给志强兄爱女。美芸,我为你骄傲,一路走好!


    姜 月








    娇小玲珑、清新秀丽的你… …

    一定是你… …

    一定是你… …

    一定是你… …

    一定是你… …




  51. 美芸 你才19岁啊,这么早离开人世,你的爸爸妈妈把你交给了国家,可是它没有守住你啊,为什么?为什么?好多人都在问,我悲伤,生命太脆弱。

  52. 因为自己的儿子也在军中,深知这样的生活,非一般人可以胜任的。能选择这样的人生是非凡的。你就是我们所有军爸军妈的女儿。痛惜你的早早离去,望刘爸,妈节哀顺便。

  53. Miriam, May you rest peacefully in god’s arms. The courage and love you demonstrated in your life, even short, will be inspiring many, old and young, for long to fight for the good of family and society. You will be greatly missed!

  54. 挽惜,痛心,虽然素不相识;与众不同的生命,愿天国里永远有你灿烂的笑脸和年轻的美丽!

  55. Miriam, 美丽,勇敢,坚强,无比优秀的孩子,你是上天派到人间的天使,愿你在天堂一切安好!你的生命,就像是一道璀璨夺目的流星,猝然陨落,让千千万万认识和不认识你的人们都悲痛异常。愿父母节哀保重,你们至善至美的天使永远活在你们心中,活在亲友心中,也永远活在我们大家心中!

  56. 無緣與妳相識,却為妳流淚,為妳傷痛!素昧生平的小姑娘,何以我竟是在段段悼文中熟悉妳纖巧的靈魂,及強大的精神。
    那直觸心底的愛與痛是同一刻銘在心間。在這不眠夜,我在祈求:願妳,妳的家人,及所有愛妳的人,能在日月交替間,漸漸放下,讓這片美麗的雲彩能自在而去. 美芸一路好走!爸爸,媽媽,哥哥請為美芸的息懷來保重自己!

  57. I am so sorry for your loss. You have my deepest sympathy. Miriam was a genuine and kind young lady. She will be missed.

  58. Hi Niece, the entire family is going to miss your big personality and your wonderful smile. Thank you for the short 19 years that we had with us. We love you and will miss you always……

  59. Dear Miriam,

    I’ll forever remember your vibrant smile and energy. It has been years since we had last seen each other but your optimism has transcended any form of time. You were always resilient regardless of the circumstances and stood for what you believed in – traits I continue to admire and remember you for. I’m saddened that your time with us was cut short and that we did not get the chance to see other again. I know you’re at God’s side now and blessing us from above. I hope you’re at peace. Thank you for all the laughs and smiles you’ve given to each of us that had the luck to call you a friend. Your bravery continues to inspire and move us, you prove to be a beautiful soul that has left a bright impression in our hearts that will never fade. May your passions continue to burn in all of us left here. I hope I can live in a way that honors all you have taught me – you have faced any adversary with a smile. You are missed.

  60. Sincere condolences from the members of the Women Marines Association. “If the Army and the Navy ever looked on Heaven’s Scenes, they will find the streets are guarded by United States Marines.” (3rd stanza of the Marines Hymn). Take comfort in knowing your beloved Marine has left this life to take up her rightful place in Heaven’s detachment.
    The Women Marines Association is dedicated to preserving the history of our veterans. We continue to build a diverse collection of uniforms, photos, papers and other artifacts donated by our members and their families. If you have items you would like to know more about or would like to have your loved one memorialized by donating items to the collection, our Historian, Nancy Wilt, would be happy to speak with you. She can be reached at (303) 663-3747, (303) 588-3594 or .
    Eileen Skahill
    National Chaplain

  61. It’s always hard when losing a loved one but John 5:25 assures us that there is hope for the dead so soon you will be able to see them again so that brings us comfort knowing you have that hope your family is in my thoughts and prayers

  62. Thank you for being my friend, Miriam. I’m very sorry this happened. I’ll remember you, always. Bless to you and your family.

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