Susana Morales

susana morales


Visitation: February 13, 2023 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Wages & Sons Gwinnett Chapel
1031 Lawrenceville Hwy.
Lawrenceville, GA 30046


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  1. CandleImagei love you my butterfly i wish we could all see you again ????, I’ll forever be hurt from this but I’ll also forever wait to see you again????.

  2. CandleImageI love you su, I’m sorry this has happened to you i miss you so much lil sis. We was supposed to hang out that week???? i just hope you’re in a better place than this world????????️????

  3. CandleImageRest in peace precious child. I will light a candle in honor of you. May your family find the peace needed to overcome this tragic event in their lives. Justice will be served to the person or people responsible. No parent and/or family should ever have to have go through this pain. I don’t know you, but I know your story and your mom and sister never stopped looking for you.

  4. CandleImageA member of the community sorry, Susanna that the Gwinnett county community and police department failed you completely. I pray that you’re able to rest peacefully knowing that this predator will never be able to hurt anyone else. Again, I pray for your family and your friend. I pray that you’re never forgotten but remembered as the beautiful, happy person that you are, may God hold you and keep you for eternity in Jesus name Amen.

  5. CandleImageI am so sorry they failed you Susana,
    I pray that your family and you find closure and justice .
    Rest in peace beautiful ????️????

  6. CandleImageI’m 17 years old and seeing this hurts me so much, knowing how many girls go missing and i just cant imagine her last thoughts or their last words this is so horrible to see i am so so sorry for your lost. We will always remember you beautiful girl. Your name will always be remembered and your beautiful face. May you rest in peace.

  7. CandleImageEye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. Justice will be served susana. Descansa en paz angelita y que dios te bendiga a ti y tu familia????✝️

  8. CandleImageEverytime a woman or girl of color goes missing I wonder will the Cops work fast enough to look for her. My heart kept telling me from day one that they were not doing enough to find you but I kept praying, and to think… it was a Cop who had did this in the first place. I pray your soul can rest in peace now that you family know a little more about your disappearance. I also pray for your family, friends and for everyone who may have had the pleasure of knowing you. You were such a beautiful girl. Rest well.

  9. CandleImageI didn’t meet you Susana, but I felt your pain throughout the entire time you went missing. I wondered everyday about your whereabouts and could only hope you would return home safe to your loving and caring family that was so desperately looking for you.
    Unfortunately little did we know your beautiful soul had already left this world. I’m sure you will be missed because I see how much you are loved among those who knew you and even the ones that didn’t, like myself. You seemed like such a happy and beautiful little girl that had her whole life ahead of her.

    Rest in piece angel ❤️

  10. CandleImageAs a mother, this hurts deeply. No parent should ever have to bury his/her child.
    Espero que tu familia encuentre consuelo y que se haga justicia.
    Descansa en Paz hermosa.

  11. CandleImageI pray that god covers all those affected. Sending strength, warmth, and love.

    To all of the young women of color who are here, paying their respects, mourning our fellow sister, whether we knew her or not- I pray that we all find the courage to continue our lives without fear.

    Susana Morales, you did not deserve this. May you rest.

  12. CandleImagei didn’t know Susana personally but wow she seemed like the sweetest person she is so beautiful and i am so glad to hear justice is being served for her no one deserves this rest in peace Susana

  13. CandleImageThis tears at the hearts of EVERY mother in Metro Atlanta, and around the country
    Such a beautiful young lady!

  14. CandleImageshe didn’t deserve this, she was so young and thought she had the police for her safety when in reality she didn’t. these police officers are abusing their badges and are using them for worse than good. they need to be punished and have actual consequences. May she rest in peace. #JFSM

  15. Still havent forgotten about you love. I pray justice is served soon for you and your family. you will never be forgotten. rest in peace angel. ????

  16. CandleImageSeen your story recently.. So sorry you left so soon. I hope that you have peace now. 😔❤️ Rest In Peace, Beautiful.

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