Teddy John Mierzwa, 41, of Decatur, Georgia, passed away on September 30, 2018. A Celebration of Life Memorial Service will be held at 11:00 AM on October 20, 2018 at Wages and Sons Funeral Home in Stone Mountain, Georgia. The family requests your presence for a Celebration of Life Luncheon immediately following the Memorial Service to be held at the same location. Teddy was born in Hampton, Virginia on March 11, 1977. He graduated from Brookwood High School in Snellville, Georgia and continued to receive a Bachelors of Horticulture Degree from the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. At the time of passing, Teddy was married to Gracie Allen Beavers and they resided in Decatur, Georgia. Teddy was an accomplished horticulturist working for successful family owned companies before settling on establishing his own landscaping company, The Garden Gnomes, which catered to both residential and commercial clientele. Teddy always had a ready smile and warm hug. His kindness and generosity were far reaching. Teddy had a service oriented soul and the last year of his life organized a coat and blanket drive for the local homeless population. Teddy had a deep love and passion for music. He both composed and performed his own compositions and lyrics, as well as the works of accomplished and respected musicians and performers. Teddy enjoyed playing and writing music, hanging out with friends to play a friendly game of poker, ping pong and pool, engaging in both philosophical conversation and easy chit chat, traveling to experience new places or to see his favorite band, Widespread Panic, gardening and playing with his dogs. Teddy may be gone, but will be forever remembered and never forgotten. He left a legacy of sincerity, humor, stimulating and thought provoking intellect, respect, duty, honor, family and love. Teddy is survived by his mother and father, Joan and Ted Mierzwa; his brother, Christoper M. Mierzwa; his sister, Andrea J. Loar; his niece and nephew, Mary Cathryn and Davis; and the rest of his relatives and friends. Arrangements are under the direction of Wages and Sons located at 1040 Main Street, Stone Mountain, Georgia 30083. Please visit www.wagesandsons.com for additional information or contact them at 770.469.9811 to flower inquiries.

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  1. Our conversations were always enlightening. A beautiful soul taken too soon. I will forever cherish your kindness and love.

  2. You were one of the kindest, sweetest souls I have ever met. Peaceful and gentle seems to come to mind. Fare the well sweet man. You may be gone but you will never never never be forgotten.

  3. You’re not my friend, you’re my brother, and I will always carry you in my heart. I know you’ll make the roses of heaven bloom prettier and ever. Save me a seat at the dinner table

  4. Teddy, I haven’t known you long, but you gave the best hugs and had the prettiest smile. I thought you were a beautiful person. I love you.

  5. You were a kind heart and would do anything for anyone. You’ll forever be in our hearts and will live on forever in our souls. Rest easy Teddy. We love you.

  6. The world has definitely lost a loving, kind soul. I will cherish our memories as kids (you and your GI Joes) and hold onto our conversations into adulthood!! You always had a way with words and made me feel good. Just a brilliant and beautiful person. I can go on and on…Til we meet again….love you cuz!!!

  7. Teddy, so many conversations I wanted to have with you. I thought we had many years, so wrong. You will be missed by many in this world.

  8. Rest In Power Teddy. We will miss the light in your eyes and the glimmer of your soul. Praying peace and comfort for the family and dear friends.

  9. May the four winds blow you safely home. You will live on in our memories as the beautiful bright, soft, kind being that you are. Love you!

  10. Old days come and go too soon
    Old days, heroes, lifetimes
    Don’t let a single memory fade away

    Youll be missed more than can be put into words. Rest easy old friend

  11. My pal. I never heard a disparaging word about u. Not once. U offered to put me up, to build a house where I cood live. Never forget. Angel on, Teddy, u must b neede elsewhere. There cn’t b any other reason. 💜

  12. Ted, not many people in my past that I’ve come across are to be remembered as really great people but you are the exception. You were always friendly to me in a crowd of people that were not. Although most of the time we spent around each other was at work you were a friend in my life for two years. I wish I could have seen you one more time. Rest easy brother. God bless you.

  13. The coffee breaks. The plants. The music. The dogs. My heart sinks. We will always be in the garden talking about the soul of the garden my great friend.

  14. Always took me in with out a question. Loved me no matter what. I will miss you, but I know I will see you again soon! Love you brotherman! Dave Miller

  15. I wish I could have shot that game of pool with you brother. Thanks for those great hugs and all the love. I will see you. Love you man. Z

  16. You were A gentle and sweet person and loved to see music with us -I will miss you tremendously. Love yah Teddy 💓

  17. I met Teddy briefly while visiting friends, and he was a loving, genuine human being that I connected to with ease. God bless all of those suffering from this loss.

  18. “Oh, this lonely world is wasted
    Pathetic eyes and high-alive
    Blind to the tide that turns the sea
    This storm it came up strong
    And shook the trees and blew away our fear

    To go it alone
    And hold it along
    Haul it along
    And hold it
    Blackbirds, backwards, forwards a’fall and hold

    Oh, this could be the saddest dusk
    Ever seen
    Turned to a miracle
    My mind is racing
    As it always will
    My hands tired, my heart aches

    I’m half a world away

    Rest well, Teddy.

  19. Our sincerest condolences go out to the family. Our thoughts and prayers are are with you.

  20. Our hearts will be sadder. Teddy was such a sweet young man. Always smiling, always loving. Tom and I pray for the arms of Jesus to be around your family as you go through this time. Our hearts are with you.

  21. My heart breaks for your loss. I was in a couple of classes with Teddy at Brookwood and every now and then I remember the young man with the intelligent way of speaking and a quiet intensity, always wondered what happened to him. I am so sorry he passed so young. I am glad to hear though that he had a full and satisfying, rewarding life, love, career/friends, etc. I hope you may find comfort in the words of Isaiah 65:21-23 where it speaks of God’s promise of how we will live in paradise on earth where Teddy will certainly resume his passion for all things gardening in perfect peace and eternity.

  22. Teddy is one of the best to ever walk this earth. Such a wise kind soul. I’ll miss you brother. Sending love from a far to Gracie, Teddy’s family, and all who lost this bright light in their lives.

  23. Even though we only knew Teddy briefly, we enjoyed getting to know him. Rest in peace Teddy. Gracie stay strong.

  24. I miss you so terribly my sweet son Teddy John. Stop in and visit me from the otherside.

    All my love,
    Mom or Ma as you would call me.

  25. Teddy, it has been almost a year that you are gone and I miss you so much! My heart is broken. I miss going to brunch, to plays and and the wonderful thing we did together. You were a perfect son and you treated me with such kindness, I wish you were here with me. Please don’t worry, I am trying to get your estate into probate so that the house you worked so hard for is not foreclosed on. and I will sell it for you. I will also be able to gather up all your things and take care of business since Gracie let the ball drop.

    Know that I love you and will always love you, Until we meet agsin son, you will always be in my heart.

  26. CandleImageDear Teddy,

    Well Christmas is almost upon us and I feel so empty without you and Christopher. I believe that Chris died of a broken heart over you. He would wake every day and tell me all he saw in the morning when he first opened is eyes was the crime scene. I am praying they find that man that murdered you and took you away from us. They believe that guy Brandon had planned the entire home invasion. He has been in jail for a year since he can’t make bail but he is not talking.

    Please stop in and see me again, you have been here twice to visit and I appreciate it. You and Chris are now my Guardian Angels watching over me. I love you and miss you my dear son. Have a Merry Christmas in Heaven. Joanne came over and decorated the tree for me and we were sure that your and Chris’ ornaments are on the tree. We got beautiful ornaments with your and Chris’ name from the Remembrance Ceremony we went to at Wages and Sons. Your pictures showed up and I was in tears.

  27. CandleImageTo my dear beautiful son Teddy, you are greatly loved and missed. I just wanted you to know that we had a gathering for your Heavenly Birthday. This was a celebration of your life which we celebrated at your favorite pub, The Moonshadow Tavern. They still have up the Garden Gnome that you gave them and it is displayed behind the bar. Some of your friends were there plus I got to meet some of your pool playing friends and ping pong buddies. I learned that you were very good at ping pong, as you called your weekly gatherings at your home pong night. I found out that one of your friends have your pong table.

    I wish you were here with me now for me to tell you all about it. I do want you to know that I am blessed to now know so many more of your friends. They have become friends with me now which I cherish since they are keeping your spirit alive and not forgetting about you. All I hear is so many wonderful things about you but I was aware of what a great guy you were. I hear so much about your giving heart and the love you shared with others.

    You will never be forgotten son! You are always in my heart and my thoughts. By the way, I brought a tree to be planted in your name in Israel in which it already has. Israel has a program going to create Greenspace in the arid land that they have. The strangest thing happened a month after I had the tree planted for you. I got a message from someone I’m friends with on Facebook. She said that she had a message coming from you that she didn’t understand. She said that she saw you pointing to a tree and saying “Mom, this is my tree”. I believe somehow she got this message from you to pass onto me to let me know you were aware of that tree. Thanks for sending me that message Teddy.

    I would love for you to stop by again to see me. I am waiting to see you again son and I love and miss you dearly.

  28. CandleImageMy Dearest Son Teddy,

    Life just doesn’t seem to be fair that you were taken from me by the hands of somebody else with murder.

    I just wanted to stop by and with you a Happy New Year. We have had a year that you wouldn’t believe between the worst politician ever, the Pandemic and so many other things that you would have plenty to talk to me about. You wouldn’t have been able to do your concert that you always attended on NY Eve at the Widespread Panic show since it did not go on due to the pandemic.

    You just don’t know how much you are missed by me and dad. He misses so much working with you and I want to thank you for giving him that chance to do that. I don’t believe that either of us are going to get over the violent way you were taken from us. I believe that is what was the main cause of Christopher’s death. He never got over walking in on the crime scene and then cleaning it on top of everything else. Chris loved you so much and always looked up to you so I believe you are both together now in Heaven. Now I don’t have one Guardian Angel but two, both you and Christopher.

    I am having a hard time going through life without my children now and you were wonderful boys that treated me with such love and respect. I don’t believe anyone ever loved me more than you boys did and no one will ever love me that much. I want to thank you for the abundance of love, caring and concern that you ever gave me. It helped me get through my life. I only hope that you felt all the love I had for you. You were a wonderful son and will alway be in my heart. I can’t wait until the day I can see you in Heaven.

    Happy 2021 in Heaven. Please take care of your brother Christopher for me. I love you so much,
    but one day we will be together again.

    God could never have given better son and I love you and miss you terribly. I will never get over you being gone. You will always be loved by me.

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