Varsha Patel

varsha patel

Varshaben Maheshbhai Patel passed away on January 14, 2022. She was an exceptional wife, a loving mother, and a doting grandmother. She is survived by Maheshbhai, Jwalin, Renita, Alina and many very close family members. 
Varshaben was born on April 10, 1960, in West Bengal to Dahyabhai and Vimlaben Patel. She had a huge passion and love for her family, friends, and community. Her soul was pure and simple with great love for flowers. She will be best remembered for her vivacious personality, her warmth, and her unconditional love for all. Jai Shri Krishna, Jai Maharaj, Jai Swaminarayan.

Varsha Patel Celebration of Life Live Stream from Essence of Life Video on Vimeo.


Hindu Service: January 16, 2022 1:00 pm - January 14, 2022 3:00 pm

Wages & Sons Stone Mountain Chapel
1040 Main Street
Stone Mountain, GA 30083


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  1. ????????????????????????????Jai Swāminārāyan ????My deepest sympathy on the loss of Varshaben.May her Soul Rest In Prace.Prayers & Condolences to entire Family & Specially to Maheshkr.Wishing The family peace to bring comfort, courage to face tha days ahead & loving memories to forever hold in your heart.

  2. Varsha my friend from hometown Lingda in India went to primery school together with her sister Daxa my heart is broken my deepest simpthy and pray god for peace to the soul always remember in my heart god bless the soul and the family ????????????????????????

  3. CandleImageન જાયતે મ્રિયતે વા કદાચિત્
    નાયં ભૂત્વા ભવિતા વા ન ભૂય: ।
    અજો નિત્ય શાશ્વતોયં પુરાણો
    ન હન્યતે હન્યમાને શરીરે ॥
    આત્મા અમર છે એનો કદી નાશ નથી, એને નથી જન્મ કે નથી મૃત્યુ. શરીર વસ્ત્ર જેવું છે. પુરાતન થાય, ફાટી જાય, એટલે ઇચ્છાએ કે અનિચ્છાએ બદલવું જ પડે છે માટે જ શરીરનો શોક કરવો નહીં . સ્વ. વર્ષાના આત્મા ને પ્રભુ ચિર શાંતિ પ્રદાન કરે . આપ સહુ પરિવારજનોને આ વસમી ક્ષણોને ધીરજથી પસાર કરવા શક્તિ આપે એવી પરમાત્માને પ્રાર્થના સહ….

  4. CandleImageWe will miss her, it’s been a long time since I saw her last time. Great memories when lived in Chicago, you will be forever remembered. Rest In Peace aunt. Dhiren & Family, Philadelphia

  5. CandleImageOur deepest sympathy to Maheshbhai & Family members.
    ????????Jai Swaminarayan????????
    Sharad M. Patel & Family
    London / Dharmaj

  6. સમય જીંદગીનો ઓછો હશે… કયાં ખબર હતી,
    વિદાચ તમારી અણધારી હશે એ… કયાં ખબર હતી,
    કોઈ સૂચના વગર સર્વત્ર સુવાસ ફેલાવી સંભારણા સૌના દિલમાં રાખી ગયા,
    ભગવાન દિવ્ય આત્માને આશીર્વાદ આપે, એ જ ભાવનાત્મક શ્રધ્ધાંજલિ. ૐ શાંતિ .

  7. CandleImageJSK. Our deepest condolences. We share your sadness but we pray to God to give you and your family strength and comfort. God Bless.

  8. CandleImageOur deepest sympathies! We are sending love and prayers to the family. We are here for anything if you need us.

  9. CandleImageOur deepest sympathy to your family. Our thoughts and prayers with your family???????? Jay Swaminarayan ????????

  10. CandleImagejai swaminarayan. Rest in Peace Rita Ba. We were lucky to have your Blessings.
    Our Condolences to Mahesh dada and family.

  11. RIP…Sorry for our great loss. Our prayers are with you and family. I will never forget her kindness and beautiful smiley face.Will be missed a lot….????????????

  12. CandleImageJai Swaminarayan. Rest in Peace Rita ba. We were lucky to have her blessings. My Condolences to Mahesh dada and family.

  13. `Please accept our deepest condolences
    A good heart has stopped beating, a good soul ascended to heaven.
    Jai Shree Krishna ????

  14. CandleImageJay shree krushna
    Our deepest sympathy to Maheshbhai & Family members.
    Varshaben is a very sweet lady. I have seen her Always smiling in all condition. Her sweet life will always give us inspiration. I will never forget my dear sister, she helped me a lot.

  15. Dear Maheshbhai & family
    Our prayers are with the family. Beloved Varshaben will continue to live within all of us.
    We pray for a peaceful place for Varshaben with God.

  16. Jai Shree Krishna. I am so sorry to hear about Varshaben. She helped me when my son was born. My thoughts and prayers are with the family during this tough time. ????

  17. CandleImageJay Swaminarayan!????????????
    Our prayers and thoughts with her and family!

  18. On behalf of my family, I want to say how sorry we are for your loss. Varsha ben was a beautiful person. May she rest in peace.
    Jay swaminarayn ????????

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